Thursday, February 22, 2007

Koigu Sweater

When I recently recommenced work with the pointy sticks (after a ten year hiatus, having knit myself into repetitive motion injury the last time I did it) I swore: no sweaters. For one thing, I wanted small projects that didn't tie me down forever. For another, I was sick of knitting endlessly, only to end up with an ill-fitting sweater. But then—I started knitting again. And it's so incredibly addictive, and really, when it gets down to it, it's all about the sweater. Not to mention that my local yarn shop carries drool-worthy yarn, and my knitting books (rapidly increasing in number) assure me it's possible to knit to fit. In short, I've been suckered in again. As usual, the photo does a disservice to the color of the actual yarn, a Japanese wool-silk blend.

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