Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Potato Frittata

with roasted red peppers and fried brussels sprouts. We haven't talked about fried brussels sprouts yet; they are an excellent way to eat this otherwise potentially tricky vegetable. The recipe is simple: heat a couple of inches of oil (I use peanut, olive is fine, and so is anything else) until it's really hot, then dump in a bunch of brussels sprouts from whom you have trimmed the tails. Let them fry (the oil should be hot enough so that they immediately start to sputter and pop when you put them in) until they are mahogany brown, then drain on paper towels and eat with salt. Oh man—you can't believe how good they are. You and your dinner companions will be reduced to subterfuge and violence as you angle for the largest share of cirspy outer leaves. The only down side is all that frying oil left over; I have dedicated a big plastic container into which I put the oil once it's cool, and use to fry again. The splatter factor is also considerable, so two splatter screens on the top of the frying pot are a good idea.

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