Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I turned 39 yesterday, and celebrated with a little dessert party. Over the weekend my kind spouse brought home a dozen of Miss Sue's eggs (I'm on record as being crazy about those eggs). Naturally I was thrilled, but since we already had four dozen eggs in the house, I was also a little abashed about how they'd ever get eaten. Then it came to me: cake and ice cream. Specifically, Frank Stitt's strawberry ice cream (six yolks) and an angel food cake (twelve whites). Both were successful, very delicious. The angel food cake brought back childhood memories to me, since that was the last time I'd had angel food; it's very, very good. I made two batches of ice cream base, one of which worked, the other of which didn't (I overcooked the custard and ended up with scrambled eggs). I regretted the second batch, but the first was perfect so I suppose I don't need to ask for more.

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