Friday, November 20, 2009

Ahem. I have something to say. This is not easy for me, but it's time to be honest with y'all:

I read Gwyneth Paltrow's blog "Goop" every week.

Sometimes it's maddening (she recommends experiencing the "beachy, seventies vibe" of Los Angeles by staying in the bungalows at the Bel Air hotel; trust me, you don't want to know how much that costs). Sometimes it's tiresome (did you know she has super-famous friends? You will if you read the blog, because she says so over and over). Sometimes it's eye-rolling (if you want to know Deepak Chopra's thoughts on personal growth or Gwyneth's tips on raising perfect children, goop's your site.)

And yet! Sometimes the recipes are delicious. I like seeing Gwyneth's wardrobe recommendations because I think she always looks really good, and I don't care at all if she can spend more on clothes than I can. Mostly, I dunno, I kind of identify: she's a mom, she has a career, she has a blog. I can barely tell us apart!

So there it is. Now I'm going to go re-read this weeks recipe for gnocchi and make a grocery list.


elenapearl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Your post made me smile. and i had an awful afternoon!

Heather said...

Glad I could help.

badmomgoodmom said... is like a train wreck. I should look away, but I peek anyway.

Hollywood moms are not like us. Their publicists spend a lot of time trying to convince us otherwise. But they have lots and lots of hired help. Every now and then, we get a real peek at their lives through legal proceedings. Who knew that the Travoltas flew with 4 children and 4 nannies on a 'family vacation'? Or that Demi has one more nanny than children so that she has coverage for the nannies' days off?

And they build the 7 mile long 'great wall of Malibu' to ensure that the public doesn't have beach access to the publicly owned beach.

Heather said...

No argument here, especially on the Malibu wall issue. I should have added that I think a serious ethical issue with Goop is Paltrow's breezy endorsement of products in which she herself has a financial stake (Estee Lauder cosmetics, Tod's shoes,Tracy Anderson's gyms, etc.) without disclosing that stake. As my post says, I'm not proud of my Goop reading.