Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fridge-Clearing Soup

I love a soup that takes care of everything. Into mine today went:

one onion
leftover pork butt
1 lb. lentils
four turnips
two red peppers
four carrots
a huge bunch of collard greens
diced ginger

I simmered everything for an hour or so, and served it for dinner with cornbread (made with cornmeal, teff flour, and a generous helping of Italian butter).

Yesterday I made the pictured Nantucket Cranberry "Pie." The recipe is from Laurie Colwin's second volume of essays from Gourmet, More Home Cooking. She accurately says that it's really a cake, except that the one I made is really more of a cobbler: rich biscuit over chopped cranberries and nuts. I hadn't intended it to be that way, but I used kamut flour which absorbs a great deal more moisture than white, and hence produced a thick batter that didn't suck the berries up into itself the way it usually does. It's delicious anyway.

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Ilix said...

oooo pie.... yummy.