Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Costello Tagliapietra

Boys, send me this dress. I will never, and I mean never, take it off.

On a related note, it is so interesting to read reviews of fashion shows one can only see online. It's clear that the difference between clothes in life and clothes in pictures is important; people who actually see them have such different reactions from mine, and the year that Viktor and Rolf made their show available as a Quicktime film was a real revelation to me. This year, the Lanvin show is getting worshipful reviews. I always love Lanvin, so I'm down with it, but I don't see the kind of paradigm-shifitng influence people who actually saw it describe. Partly, of course, I don't know fashion like the experts, but a lot of it, I think, is that clothes really have to be seen in person to be appreciated. Maybe they have to be worn to be appreciated.

Which reminds me: C/P! Send me that orange dress right now!


badmomgoodmom said...

Do you sew? I love the Dries van Noten Spring line. I have a bunch of ethnic textiles in my collection. he definitely gave me some ideas of what to do with them.

Heather said...

Haven't sewn in years, though I love it. And I lurved the Dries show too; I can only think of one show of his in recent years that hasn't made me drool.