Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Great Pumpkin Pie

For dinner we had scrambled eggs and green beans, but tonight was about dessert. I'm a big pumkin pie fan, and have made versions using just about every quash I know. This latest used a lovely hubbard squash we got from our CSA. I made the Cook's Illustrated Foolproof Pie Crust, which is in all ways as advertised, and tried one of their recipes for the filling. It has various fancy touches (fresh ginger instead of ground, e.g.) but the real innovation is in method: after combining the squash pulp, spices, and sugar, one then simmers them on the stove for about fifteen minutes to concentrate the flavors and let the spices bloom. It was a pain to do (I mean, not that big a pain) but I had to agree, halfway through my third slice, that it was totally worth it.

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avb said...

Oh yum. I am terrified of pie crust. So terrified, in fact, that every single time I decide to make a pie, I chicken out and make a cake instead.