Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dinner Party!

We had cheese (Irish Cashel bleu, Manchego, and something French) first. Then crab cakes with cheesy polenta and salad. I make baked polenta: you just stir for five minutes and then bake in the oven. For dessert, a cake I am very proud of: two layers of Nigella Lawson's Victoria sponge (you make the batter in the food processor! takes like five minutes) with layers of lemon curd and unsweetened whipped cream between and on top. Chopped pistachios scattered on top. Oh my goodness is it good; but then, most anything with lemon curd is out of sight. Why did I have lemon curd on hand? Because when you make an angel food cake and have a dozen egg yolks staring you in the face, lemon curd is the perfect answer.

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avb said...

Nigella Lawson's Victoria sponge = perfection. And Nigella Lawson's fallen chocolate souffle: also perfection. When I make the unsweetened whipped cream for each of them, I add a little bit of almond extract or some orange blossom water (which I bought for no good reason at a middle eastern grocery here, having no idea what I'd use it for...turns out, it is especially good with anything chocolate).