Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chai Spice Mini Cupcakes

with chocolate cinnamon ganache icing. You know how sometimes an idea will take root in your mind and flourish there without reference to observable reason? That's what happened to me in November. I was in a bakery in Victoria, BC, and had a little chai-spice cupcake. Ever since then I have wanted to make them, though I generally have no special interest in cupcakes or fancy baking per se. Today I found myself with the ingredients and the time, so I went for it, using these recipes. I overbeat my icing (despite the recipe's warning) and experienced a total failure of my decorating equipment, but they are nonetheless delicious. I went whole hog, with cake flour and full sugar. If I do it again I'll cut the sugar by a quarter, and add some vanilla. My teaspoon-size cookie scoop filled the mini-papers perfectly.

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