Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Dinner

We had a wee gathering in honor of the awards ceremony held for people we don't know in movies we for the most part hadn't seen. It was fun! One guest brought a big pot of delicious red beans and rice; I made a veggie casserole. I used for my inspiration a recipe from the Moosewood Cookbook, but I erred freely, ending up with a compendium of the following:

2 onions
1 lb. mixed mushrooms
1 head cauliflower
1 bunch rappini
4 C cooked farro
2 C grated cheddar
Several large spoonfuls of Moroccan preserved lemons
1 egg

I chopped up the vegetables and sauteed them until soft, then mixed everything together and baked it for half an hour at 350. It was very tasty. I also made some brownies (the fudgy kind from the King Arthur Flour Cookie Book) with buckwheat flour.


Naunihal said...

what do buckwheat brownies taste like?

Don said...

you might like this poster:

Stuff White People Like

Heather said...

Thanks Don--I love that poster, as I love that whole blog.