Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cashmere Baby Blanket

This is a baby blanket for my imminent second grandchild (ok, my husband's second grandchild). The pattern is called "Hemlock Ring" and is actually a doily pattern; instead of knitting it with slender cotton on tiny needles one knits it with fluffy wool on big needles: behold, the magic of scale. Knitting is so weird. This pattern is actually incredibly easy, but looks complex, whereas I have labored for hours and mastered tricky new skills in finishing the ribbing on a cuff in a way that no one will ever notice.


Anonymous said...

This is most attractive - reminds me of a snowflake.


Anonymous said...

That is about the sweetest baby blanket I have ever seen - truly!
hi from SF!
xxoo Lee

Jacob Summers said...

I like it. Very nice.

SCM said...


This is absoloutely gorgeous. What a precious gift. My knitting has unfortunately taken a back seat to a pesky little thing called the pursuit of the PhD. On the course work is done! No more seminar papers. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Well when I first saw it's lovelyness I thought: Can she really be crocheting a doily? Then the scale and the concept of a non-four-cornered baby blanket hit me and I thought--knitting Eureka!