Sunday, March 2, 2008

Orange Shoes

I made these after seeing the “Willow Lace” socks in the Church of Schurch group on Ravelry. (Ravelry! Don't even get me started. Imagine Facebook for knitters, only more sophisticated and less annoying.) The ribbed lace pattern never attracted me in the book, but it looked beautiful in the Willow Lace project, so I gave it a whirl in these socks for my daughter. Children’s socks are a wonderful way to, essentially, swatch a stitch you’re interested in, but (as here) the bigger stitch patterns really get lost. The color doesn’t help either, but I didn’t pick that. I always let my daughter pick the color in the usually-disappointed hope that she’ll actually wear what I make. These socks are historic, however, despite their flaws: they are the project on which I finally learned kitchener stitch. After trying and failing to learn it from multiple books I got smart and went to “” Two viewings of their perfect little video later and I can’t see why I ever thought it was difficult! (Though I am still a loyal fan of Lucy Neatby’s sock-toe chimney method.)

The excellent shoes are a gift from Grandma.

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