Sunday, July 10, 2011

Second Verse

more or less same as the first. This is once again Simplicity 2601, done in a fabric I bought against my better judgement: wrong color for me, busy pattern. Still, something in it spoke to me, so I bought it. The inside-out shot on the mannequin (catnip for sewers, those inside-out views) shows the bright yellow bias tape I used for the facings, as well as the neat internal bodice facing that keeps the upper seam nice and concealed. This blouse moved fast because I discovered the tool I've been waiting for my whole life: the small-diameter rotary cutter. Made cutting it out fly right by.


avb said...

God. I want that shirt. Except with a 3/4 sleeve. And I might just wear it inside out, I love that yellow tape so much.

Heather said...

Get out yer machine, dude! I can do it the mighty AVB certainly can.

Heather said...

I meant IF I can do it, obviously.