Monday, January 17, 2011

Purists Will Object

I resuscitated my poor neglected starter a couple of days ago, a process that was much easier than I expected: two feedings and it was chipper and ready to go. I planned to make a loaf of bread and got out the Bread Bible for my usual French Country Boule recipe when something came over me: a weariness of careful percentages and a deep desire to wing it. So I did: I threw some liquid-ish starter in a bowl with rye and white bread flour, let it bubble away all day and rest in the fridge over night. This morning I let it warm up on the counter for a few hours, then added a packet of yeast, a few cups of half bread/half whole wheat flour, and 15 grams of salt. After a rise I shaped it into a boule, let it rise again, and voila: the mongrel you see. It is very delicious. We had it for dinner with scrambled eggs and roasted cauliflower and shiitakes.

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