Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cap-Sleeve Vaila

The short-sleeved sweater: a garment I love. Doesn't feel bulky under a coat, yet keeps one warm; offers endless color and textural possibilities through the magic of layering; is much faster to knit than long-sleeved varieties. This pattern is called "Vaila," and worked out pretty much just as I'd hoped. Sweaters can change a lot in the wearing, but so far so good.


Anonymous said...

Did you not comment on the turtle neck for a reason? It should not get short shrift in the rush to acknowledge the cap sleeve. The TN is fulsome, drapey and a lovely lava platter for whatever sits above. Not often we see this feature squeeze out from the usual strangling sheathe.

SCM said...

Once again, I love this sweater. You clearly have lived in a cold climate long enough the recognize the wonder of the short sleeve sweater. Nothing is better than a sweater that you can mix with different under layers so you don't look like you wear exactly the same thing each day!